Our company is ready to serve with its expertise with its professionalism with its Institutionalism

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For high-quality standards, we sets an example for ethical business practices in the industry. A responsible and innovative perspective for ethical and sustainable fashion, Aqua Textile conducts continuous research and investment in leading-edge manufacturing technology.



Our Vision

Our vision is to make every small and medium business to have the same benefits as large businesses for international wholesale purchasing. We believe that every business – whatever its size or location – should have equal access to the vast opportunities offered by the global supply chain.

Our Mission

To manufacture nothing but the best and offer high customer satisfaction, and adapt and innovate as garment manufacturers to cater to the dynamic needs of the market and promote sustainability.


All textiles are made up of fibres that are arranged in different ways to create the desired strength, durability, appearance and texture. The fibres can be of countless origins, but can be grouped into four main categories. Natural fibres, with the exception of silk, have a relatively short fibre length, measured in centimetres. Silk and man-made fibres have on the other hand very long fibre lengths (filaments) ranging from hundreds of metres to kilometres long.



Aqua Textile SUPPLIER

Innovation and creativity are key factors behind the sustainable growth and success of Aqua Textile. We updates its global resources supply and investment operations in parallel with the ever-changing requirements of the market.

Highly experienced technical and support teams push the boundaries to develop specialised features, qualities, techniques, products and production processes. This proactive way of working has elevated Aqua Textile to become a leader in the global fashion market.


Our company is ready to serve with its expertise with its professionalism with its Institutionalism

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